Ivana-Zakharova,10, Surgut 628400, Russia

Teaching English

Type of project: education

Summer camp for teenagers

Small village Noviselickoe, Stavropol region, Russia

6 Vol.


1 term - 8.06.2019 - 24.06.2019 

2 term - 29.06.2019 - 15.07.2019

LOCATION: This project is situated in a small picturesque Russian village near the Caucasian mountains and the Black sea.

WORK: This project aim to encourage Russian children speak English by communicating with volunteers with the help of non-formal education. The volunteers work with teenagers, play games, discuss different topics, talk about their countries and cultures. The volunteer is expected to be sociable and friendly. Each volunteer will have a leader, who has a plan of activities and control the process of learning.

REQUIREMENTS: High motivation to work with children, B-2 level of English, sociable and communicative.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will live in the house, two volunteers in the room with air conditioner. English WC is available. A cook is provided for dinner. Lunch is served with children in a café or in the school of the camp. All food for breakfast is available. There is a sauna in the house for the volunteers.

LEASURE TIME: Self organized village tour and excursions. Old Russian church can be visited. At the weekends each group of volunteers will have a trip to the mountains and try rafting on the White River. These mountains are the great tourist attraction. After rafting the volunteers will go to the natural source of mineral water, where they can swim. At the end of the camp the volunteers will have a pizza party and the next day go to Sochi, the city of Olympic Games 2014, there is the Black Sea, which is very warm in this season. Volunteers depart home from Sochi.

INTERNATION TERMINAL: Moscow (1500 km.); Mineralnie Vodi (60 km.)

Success for 1 year

Since 2017 we:

Organized 5 volunteer events for orphans

Made 20 language sessions

Won 2 federal grands

Sent 3 volunteers abroad

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