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New 2022 Year starts with the great news!

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New 2022 Year starts with the great news! 05.01.2022 00:00

We created the comprehensive program "Ecological home" in UGRA region. There will be participated 20 volunteers from our region, where 5 volunteers belong to a socially oriented group.

The first step is to train tourism and mountaineering our 20 volunteers on the online platform;
The second step is to deeply study the topic of ecology through the series of online and offline intellectual quiz games;
The third step is to train volunteers to non-formal education;
The fourth - is to teach the pupils of the center of children's mountaineering and sports tourism skills on the online platform;
Fifth step - clean the bank of the river which increases of 2 hectares;
The sixth step - to hold the competitions "Young Tourist" for orphans;
The seventh stage is to become a participant in the international weekly online conference "Ecological home" with the foreign volunteers;
The eighth step is the implementation of own projects in Ugra.

        In practice, there is already a methodological guide for the interaction of Russian and international volunteers, which consists of: a “volunteer dictionary”, “practical recommendations”, “private requirements”, “instructions for organizing social projects”, “experienced advice” and “best practices”. 

The total number of people affected by the project is at least 5,000 people. At least 150 Ugra volunteers are being trained, 20 of them are volunteers from the UGRA region and 10 foreign volunteers.

Success for 1 year

Since 2017 we:

Organized 5 volunteer events for orphans

Made 20 language sessions

Won 2 federal grands

Sent 3 volunteers abroad

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