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Organize phototherapy for women who have recovered from breast cancer. This project is aimed at the psychological rehabilitation of women who need deep psychotherapy, namely, to restore women's confidence. We created an initiative to photograph each participant, showing her unique, natural, genuine beauty, which she inherited from nature, despite the consequences of breast cancer. According to WHO statistics, two out of three people need rehabilitation treatment and psychotherapy after chemotherapy, resection or amputation of the female breast. In 70% of women who have experienced chemotherapy and surgery, libido decreases, weakness appears, and defects in appearance remain, namely lack of breasts, baldness and increased body weight. It is especially difficult to cope with such a consequence of cancer. All this makes a woman unattractive. It may take much longer to restore self-confidence.

In our project, we rehabilitate women through compliments, through flowers and praise, through love, which every woman needs so much.
We also attract women psychologists who have already passed this way and live in an adapted way with families and children created by them. They will take the role of psychologists - motivators and an example for those who are just going through this pain. On top of all this, our girls feel better in their environment, where similar women experience the same pain.


Success for 1 year

Since 2017 we:

Organized 5 volunteer events for orphans

Made 20 language sessions

Won 2 federal grands

Sent 3 volunteers abroad

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