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AVENTURA International voluntary agency exists from 2016.

The idea is to create an international movement came up 2 years ago when AVENTURA team were participating in international volunteer projects as volunteers. Before the opening the non-govermental organization, we visited 10 countries as volunteers and sent the first 2 volunteers abroad in 2017.

Since 2016 we have been cooperating with 20 foreign non-profit volunteer organizations (SCI Great Britain, EstYES Estonia, FSL India, etc.) and keep creating joint social projects such as the volunteer Yoga camp in India.

Twice a year we organize tourist event for orhans and vulnerable families from the publicity funded institution "April", where more than 200 Russian volunteers take part. 

Birthday of AVENTURA - 21 Jul 2017

Success for 1 year

Since 2017 we:

Organized 5 volunteer events for orphans

Made 20 language sessions

Won 2 federal grands

Sent 3 volunteers abroad

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