Ivana-Zakharova,10, Surgut 628400, Russia

Language-Workcamp in Russia

Language-Workcamp in Surgut, Russia


June (2 weeks)



Khanty-Mansy autonomous district – Yugra is one of the richest regions of the Russian Federation. Surgut is the biggest city of the district, people used to call the city as the oil capital of Russia. Indeed, there are 3 biggest Russian oil-and-gas companies: Surgutneftegas, Gazprom and Tyumenenergo. But of course the life of people in this Siberian city is not focused just on the work. There are many places to see and lots of things to do in Surgut; art galleries, theatres, museums, cinemas, definitely one can find what he likes.

In 1992 in this oil capital of Russia was created Lingua centre. Now Lingua is an international network of innovative companies in education.
Throughout its 27-year history, Lingua has been providing its students with opportunities and tools to succeed offering educational programmes both from Russia and other countries in Russian, English, German and French. Lingua researches and develops the latest advanced technologies in education, chooses the best and implements the most effective ones in order to provide the best for its students. This approached aids them to apply their knowledge to the real world.

This results in a large number of Lingua alumni achieving success in their lives through received thinking skills, open-minded world view and ability to solve problems.
This year we invite foreigners to teach English our pupils using method of non-formal education. The goal is to build soft and hard skills of pupils by communicating with international volunteers: development, cognition, education, upbringing. On the other side pupils and work

team introduce Russian culture and tradition to international volunteers. The program is interesting and has different stages to learn Russian culture.


Before 1 day of the beginning the Language camp we would like to see volunteers to prepare them to work with pupils. Volunteers need to understand their functions: teaching English through the non-formal education, educational activities, control and participation in the process of activities, understanding the characteristic of each pupil. Work time: 8:30-16:00


Flights are covered (both ways). Volunteers will sleep in the youth centre with good conditions, 2 people in one room. Food is provided in cafe with children.


628400 Surgut, Khanty-Mansyisk Autonomous region Ugra, Russia.


SGC airport, we take volunteers from the airport


You have to be open-minded and be ready to adapt to the simple conditions of the common life. We are looking for the volunteers with the psychological skills for working with children, excellent English and have fun all the time!


Volunteers will have active and educated time: they will visit traditional Khanty and Mansy museum, live 2 days in a real life in khanty tribe which is still exist; get aquatinted with their lives. Ride Siberian husky dogs sled. Workshop handmade “Husky’s wool”. Visit different cities.




A certificate of participating in a project is provided.

We provide free trainings: Volunteers will get soft skills of team-building, interview skills, personal brand, program of non-formal education and workshop “musical instruments”

We pay for flight tickets, visa, accommodation, food, entertainments.


Success for 1 year

Since 2017 we:

Organized 5 volunteer events for orphans

Made 20 language sessions

Won 2 federal grands

Sent 3 volunteers abroad

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